Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Intentions

  I thought about calling the title of this post, New Year Plans, but, decided to call it New Year Intentions.  My plans seem to often go astray, no matter how hard I try to stay focused on them.  It possibly could be that I am slightly ADD, or, it could also be that I have many different tentacles of this octopus that I call my life pulling me away.  Be that as it may, I need to put the plans on paper, er on computer, er, ummmm.  Just what do we call this?  Put the plans on Blog?!  I guess that will work.
  My soap making business will be growing.
  My soap making business will be acquiring a new sense of determination.
  It will become more professional.
  It will make use of the 10 Core Business Principles.
  I will totally invest myself into it.
  I will post more updates on this blog, on my Artfire blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.
  I will be serving those customers who desire a Vegan product.
  I will, also, be serving those customers who are not bothered by animal oils, as these make great soap.
  I will endeavor to use more natural products.
  As you can see, these are my plans.  Or intentions.  But, just remember this: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Anonymous.   Stay tuned and see.

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