Tuesday, June 30, 2009

weather in the upper midwest

Last week, we had temperatures in the upper ninties. This week, we are lucky to reach the lower seventies. I have heard this statement for much of my life. " If you don't like the weather here, wait a day or two." Come on!!!! Where in the world is the weather likely to be the same? No where that I know of. People just need to complain and let off steam... That being said, I rather enjoy a drop in temperature in the summer. It gives me the energy to do more outside and in my garden. It is dreadful when you know that you have to weed and can't bear more than 10 minutes in 90+ degree temps. So, that is what I have been doing. The garden in looking great. Still more weeding could be done, but, all in good time.
As I previewed the paragraph above, I realized that I used a great many colloquial sayings. This must be a genetic trait, as my mother and aunt have more sayings from their birth state than you could imagine. A statement for every kind of happening in life. I once thought that I would publish a little booklet of their sayings, but, realized that they our precious to our family and I am not sure that others would appreciate them as much as we do. I will research this with my multitude of cousins and see what they say about this. TATA

Monday, June 29, 2009

Renaissance Faires

Alright. I have finally sat up at a renaissance faire. This was the first time for this group and only the second year of the campground being in existance. Attendance was not massive, but, those that were there were very happy. It could have been the gate fee that made them the happiest. Most ren faires are pricey to get into. The customers at this event only had to pay $5.00 to park their cars. Such a deal!

I did not take all of my inventory of soaps and other goodies. I tried to concentrate on those scents and objects that were of interest to faire-goers. I have attended enough of my own and have noticed what are the biggest sellers. I almost sold out of my Peppery Cranberry. My Gift of the Magi soap was also a good seller. Incense and sachets also did quite well.

I have another craft show this weekend, but, won't be able to make more Peppery Cranberry, as it needs to "cure" for at least four weeks. This is because I make cold processed soaps. If I was to make a hot processed soap, using the crock pot, it would be cured and ready to use within the week. Alas, no time.

I need to rearrange my display items as this craft show has an entirely different clientele. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Does anyone REALLY know what to take to a show? Every time I think I know my clientele, they fool me by either not being there or having a desire for something different than what I brought. I have heard this statement echoed by so many others that do craft shows so many times that it would seem to drive us crazy. Well let me tell you; as one who used to do antiques shows, it's the same way with them.

Even though the old adage says "The customer's always right.", it is extremely aggravating for us in this business to satisfy them. There is some thought out there that, perhaps we shouldn't bother to try to satisfy them. Just bring what you have and wait for the buyer. I have never liked that idea. As one who has always tried to satisfy people through out my life, this tends to ruffle the feathers. And, it doesn't always work and you end up selling hardly anything!

So what is a seller supposed to do? Probably, the best you can with what you have.

I would love some input on these thoughts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anniversary and movie review

Today, marks the 36th anniversary of our marriage. Was there ever a time I wasn't married? Pretty neat considering the currently high divorce rate in this country and the world. We were engaged for almost four years before getting married, as he wanted me to finish college. Glad I did. We have also lived on the same property for those years.
I have seen so much change in the neighborhood. Sometimes it is hostile change and sometimes not. I like the fact that we live at the end of a road. It limits the neighbor interaction, which, can be a good thing or not.

Went to see Angels & Demons last night. An exciting movie about the Catholic church and the Illuminati. Many people do not believe the Illuminati are still viable in the world, so would see this movie as just fantasy. I wonder! Good acting by Tom Hanks and Ewan MacGregor. Didn't recognize the female lead. It's nice to have a local theater that will show these big name movies for $1.50 on some nights.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blah day

After the terrific storm that hit the upper mid-west, I am at home helping to clean up. We had power outages, high winds, tree damages and flooding. Sheesh! This is June, not May. Everything is extremely humid. Very difficult to keep my glycerin soaps dry. So far so good. I have a show next weekend and everything must be in tip top shape.

We were scheduled to go to an SCA event today, but, not with what we have to do today. I am sad. I am only able to go to two or three for the whole year, and to have one knocked off the calendar, is bad. Of course, there is always next year.

Thursday, June 18, 2009



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An accomplishment......Yea!

With the fantastic help of Alicea Mae. I have put some of my products on my blog. I am so excited. I feel like I took a giant step today. Now to tweak it some more. Woohoo.

My oh my

My mind is spinning as I try to understand what I need to do on my blog. I will need lots of time to study this.

My husband is downstairs making a cream cheese crust apple-cranberry pie. Sounds delish. Too bad that I have a dairy allergy, am a celiac, and am sensitive to apples. Sigh!

We are getting ready for an SCA event this weekend. And, I will be vending at a renaissance faire next weekend. Something to be said about retirement.......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy day, rainy day, blah day

Had to go to the big city today. Some times I like it, because, even though funds are tight, I still like to purchase things now and then. Most of the time, I actually hate shopping. And, I have never liked "window" shopping. Ugh, Ptui!!!! But, it's all over when we go to our "super store". Today, we spent over $90 and there are just two of us......What the.....? Anyhoo, none of it was frivolous. It will all be used, eventually.

Starting to enjoy the idea of having a web presence. I have been so reticent about showing my public face. But, you can't do that if you are trying to make money from your "little business". I am now on Facebook, and that's a challenge in and of itself, 'cause, I don't have a clue who have the people are who want to accept me as part of their "reality". It is reality, isn't it.......?????????????